Luke Tchalenko works as a photographer for newspapers such as The New York Times, for organisations such as The Red Cross and for PR firms such as Frank PR. 


Whatever the assignment, Luke will get you high-quality images to a tight deadline. 


Luke was born in South London in 1977, and shot his first roll of black-and-white film fifteen years later in Peckham. Luke pursued his photography to the detriment of his academic studies at Trinity College, Dublin, before moving to Moscow in 2000, where he worked as a photographer for many magazines, newspapers and corporate clients. 


Luke is now based in London, but travels frequently on assignments throughout the UK and Europe, to Russia, the former Soviet Union and to the Middle East.


Luke now makes films for many of his photographic clients and organisations such as Al Jazeera and London’s Tate Modern Gallery. 


He also produces his own films, such as The Writer and the Flautist, filmed in Palestine.  


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