01Mappa Mundi

A film for Factum Arte showing the medieval Hereford Mappa Mundi undergoing a revolutionary, laser-scanning process

IOM1We Don't Cry

A film for the IOM, shot and directed by Luke Tchalenko that shows the journey of Ma Lay Lay and her two young children from refugee camps in Northern Thailand to start a new life in the States.

01Burke + Norfolk

A film for the Tate Modern gallery, directed by Luke Tchalenko. The film was edited by Jeremy Brettingham, with cinematography by Antonio Olmos.

ukraine1People Like Us

A short version of a film showing the lives of some of those living with HIV in Ukraine and the efforts of Red Cross Visiting Nurses to care for them and stem the further rise of the disease.

wf1The Writer and the Flautist

A trailer for a short documentary by Luke and John Tchalenko featuring human-rights lawyer and popular writer, Raja Shehadeh (Orwell Prize, 2008). 

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